About Me

Hi there!  I’m Amanda, the voice of Far From Family.

A Michigan native settled and raising my family in Washington State who can finally say we have no intentions of moving back [home] because…. well…. we are home.

I reflect often on our decision to live far from family.  To be honest, at any given moment I may regret living my life (and my children’s lives) far from family while in that same moment also being thankful for exactly where I am.

It’s taken nearly a decade to confess without hesitance that no, we aren’t looking to return to Michigan.  And yes, we do miss family.

Keeping connected with family who live long distance can be difficult. Admittedly, some of us do it better than others.  Admittedly, sometimes in life I am better at this and sometimes I could use a lot of improvement.  I want to help you keep your family connected across hallways, miles and milestones.

The family we need to keep connected with may be the people with whom you are sharing a home, it may be beloved family members living long distance that you work to keep connected with or it may be the older sibling that is now an empty-nester while you are elbow deep in changing diapers.

I write honest, inspirational, pragmatic articles about living life far from family. I share my thoughts, emotions, conflicts and triumphs of the mundane as well as the extraordinary events of our lives.  And I hope to create a community sharing together our collective experiences of being far from family.

Join me as I write about living life long distance and offer advice on keeping connected.