Since writing one of my favorite blog posts, Five Months and New Year back in January, I have spent a lot of time trying to work toward making being active, being involved and being connected my focus.

So how I am I doing?

1. Be Active

It took me until April to really get active.  The winter was cold, we were under prepared and we lived in cold stone house.  But when I finally did get active in an intentional way, I made it the number 1 priority for the month.

I exercised a total of 21 hours for the month of April.  I ran, I resumed tennis lessons and I started Jillian Michaels 30 day shred program.  I am not a fan of working out at home or even to a video but I was determined.

I decided I would work out twice a day.  And I succeeded many days of the week!

I complete one 20 minute video of the 30 day shred program then go running or wait until later in the day and do a different workout video.

For the month of May, I am continuing to workout with twice a day workouts but I am also going to eat more fruits and vegetables and cut out alcohol while I’m at home.  No more wine with lunch….and dinner…and before bed.

Since I have no full-length mirror or even a mirror that I can see below my shoulders.  AND no scale, I am relying on photo’s.  I’ll post before and after photo’s in the future.

2. Be Involved

I have not been involved in my community here or even the kid’s school community here.  I’m more of a Spanish hermit than a social butterfly.

What I have been working on is completing various Girl Scout training’s so that when I return I can be more involved with the Girl Scouts.  I’ve taken the base classes to become a troop leader and am continuing to take online training’s to be able to take a more active role.

I would like all of my  girls and myself to have a richer experience with the Girl Scouts.   I would like to find a community of people to be involved with.

I will be volunteering for the week-long Girl Scout day camp this summer.  Which will be an entirely new experience for me.  It will also jump start me connecting to a new community and being involved.

3. Be Connected

Since I first made this a priority it never occurred to me that this could be construed as being electronically connected.  While it certainly doesn’t exclude using electronic means to be connected, I had more personal connections in mind.

I have tried to reach out over the Atlantic by sending postcards and personal emails.  I need to get a few more postcards out in the coming weeks.

I sent several dozen “Thinking of You” cards and was overjoyed when responses came back to me.

I want to reconnect with friends that I’ve fallen out of contact with since motherhood took center stage then homeschooling and working an opposite schedule to what it felt like nearly every other person.

I want to strengthen connections with some friends that have only been acquaintances or coworkers for much too long.

I want to create new connections through volunteering.  (See above)

I want to create new connections for both myself and my husband through a mutually fun family activity, preferably an active pursuit.  I’ve seen the connections built by my good friend through roller derby and I want those types of connections.  Connections not based solely on our children being the same age.  I’m not going to be joining roller derby anytime soon though!  Actually, never.  Softball? Running? Amateur Adventure races?  Kickball?

Be Active. Be Involved. Be Connected.

It is my hope that by focusing on these three priorities I will have a happier and more fulfilled year.  It is my hope that by having a focus, upcoming decisions will be less complicated and more satisfying.

It’s been a long time since I’ve verbalized a focus for the year.  Do you create a word or a focus for your year?



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