After our nice long-weekend in Toledo and lets be honest the freedom of having a car I was desperate to find a reason to rent a car again.  It’s a pretty cheap deal to rent through Enterprise and I can pick the car up and drop the car off while the kids are in school.  We also knew that we were too tired and the kids a bit sniffly and under the weather to tackle a lot of walking and sightseeing.  So Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Segovia was out but the Castle of Mendoza was in.  It was a close drive – 45 minutes.  Not a big city to hike though with additional sightseeing.  It is the most renovated Castle we’ve seen and while there was definitely parts that were a no-no to touch we were able to go up spiral staircases and down other stone spiral staircases that left me dizzy by the time I reached the bottom.  The tapestries were amazing and thanks to Jack and Annie of The Magic Tree House book series the girls knew what they were and had a basic idea of how they were made.  Scarlett’s favorite part was the bedroom – it was just like all the beds  of princesses she had ever seen in books and movies!  You can always see more photos on our photo website.

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