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Today. Mourning. Remembering. Smiling. Loving.

  Today.   Today I paradoxically take ease with myself while also pushing myself and my lungs as I run as hard as I can. I will indulge in more chocolate than it seems possible and I will often over indulge in a cocktail hour that has been known to start as early as the […]

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House guests and the Etiquette of Soap

As I stood showering and lathering all my bits and pieces the thought occurred to me, almost as if I was one of the Goldilocks three bears, had this little bar of soap been slippin’ and sliddin’ over somebody else’s hiddy?   A hiddy that I didn’t share a bed with or a hiddy that I […]

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Public School Choice with a Homeschooling Heart

At heart, I am a homeschooler.   Not exactly the crunchy, earth-mama stereotype, certainly not the seventeen kids, religious focused curriculum stereotype or even the unschooled, let’s raise a wild child stereotype either.  But I truly believe in the power of the parents to educate and live a home-schooling life together.   I really think it’s […]

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13 Dates: Changing my Perspective was Vital to Finding Parental Playtime

I suffer from Grandparent jealousy.  Faces of my married friends with children frolicking about on a date or vacation sans children pop up in my Facebook feed and I sneer.   Yes, I’ll let it be known.  I sneer.   I get that in my jealously, I am making far reaching assumptions on how great […]

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Entertaining in a Small Home

Entertaining in a small space can be daunting but with a some thought and preparation it is both manageable and enjoyable!   As my family grew and changed and let’s face it, as I grew and changed we stopped having people over to our house.  We aren’t hoarders and we have electricity.  I know how to […]

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Finding Weekday Family Time

With my desire to have a more happy home Monday through Friday and my husband’s desire for us to try something new before I moved us to a remote cabin in the woods, we have made some BIG changes around our home.   I debated whether or not BIG was the appropriate word because maybe (okay, probably) […]

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Struggling to Find Family Time

Happy New Year!   After spending the holidays cherishing my family time and with more than a full week of 2016 under our belts, I am back to posting here at Far From Family.  Join me as I share my stories, thoughts, advice and more on living far from family.  The more I share my own […]

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Choas, Conversation, Games and Absorbing time this Christmas Eve

To channel my inner Clarke Griswold, I was hoping for a big ‘ol family Christmas.  My home, bursting at the seams with family members.  The brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandmas and papa, nieces and nephews.   The chaos and conversation.   The cat can be left at home though.  My husband is allergic. […]

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Regret and Gratitude Can Coexist

It’s easy to smile when I see Facebook updates of my long-distance family.  It’s easy to add a quick comment “Wish I was there!” and continue scrolling on.   It’s a whole lot harder to spend a morning scrolling through exactly all the family events we missed this last year without shedding a tear.   […]

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Honoring Loved Ones this Holiday

The traditions of the holiday season always leaves me feeling more connected to family. For me, the traditions transcend the miles and milestones.   Whether its unpacking the Christmas decorations my Grandmother made or hanging my childhood stocking or spending the day baking cookies, it all reminds me of holidays gone by and makes me […]

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Circle Cut Out Amanda

 I am a lover of campfires and road trips, long summer days spent outdoors and long winter nights reading by the fire. I blog about living far from family and ways to keep connected. And on an given day, I may regret living far from family while also being thankful for where I am.  Find out more!
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