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Grieving when you have small children

It’s been years since we’ve been home for the Christmas holiday.  Years since we braved the airports and years since we’ve had the money to fly our family home for the holidays.   In fact, only my oldest who is now nine has ever been home for the holidays.   My daughter was really too […]

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Friendsgiving and Receiving Thanks

After spending nearly more than a decade far from family for Thanksgiving, I would have expected myself to have attended more “friends”givings.   I helped host one in college…although, I do have to admit some of my soon to be in-laws did share it with us.  And I had my second friendsgiving this past weekend.  Since […]

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Yes, I’m guilty of Christmas Creep

This post contains affiliate links.  For more information, please read my disclosure policy.  Thank you for supporting Far From Family!   This weekend, I’ve done something I’ve never done before.   I’ve even lamented those that have done the very exact same thing.   I’ve posted scathing facebook posts  on the holiday creep that happens […]

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Surprised by a new frailty

Living far from your parents keeps them in suspended animation until you see them next.   It’s the same idea as when you were growing up and your aunt, uncle, friends mother, old teacher would comment how BIG you had grown.  Except it is not how BIG your parents have grown but how much they […]

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Welcoming the in-laws to a tour of our life

My in-laws are being shown a personal tour of our daily lives courtesy of my children, myself & my husband.   And my children & my in-laws absolutely love it.   Living life far from family means that when we do get together with family it is often for weddings, holidays or during summer vacation. […]

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Sending One Family Member

  I will admit to falling short in my duties as a family representative at my brother’s wedding last month and I’m willing to bet my husband won’t this month at his brother’s wedding.   Living far from family, means we can’t always make life’s big milestones.  I would like nothing more to be in attendance […]

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Circle Cut Out Amanda

 I am a lover of campfires and road trips, long summer days spent outdoors and long winter nights reading by the fire. I blog about living far from family and ways to keep connected. And on an given day, I may regret living far from family while also being thankful for where I am.  Find out more!
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