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Every homeowner has that list of repairs and improvements that seem to just sit on the back burner and never actually get done.  Until they need to be done.  We have been working hard cleaning, repairing, improving, painting and packing over the last few weeks.  Most all of our belongings are packed up in storage or are now sitting in opened boxes around the house while we continue to live in a house that we are at the same time packing up.  I’ve reached my limit on the mess, the chaos, the cleaning.  Oh, the cleaning, how I have reached my limit.  I got a high-five from the grocery store cashier today when I replied to her question of how I was doing with “Well, I’m going home and drinking.”  It was 1pm.  She said she was doing the same.  I left out the part where I was also going to be scrubbing toilets and bathrooms….maybe she had something worse to do.  And I guess when you add in the reason for the work is that you’ll be moving to Spain any sympathy would likely dissipate.

The trim looks amazing!  Jeff has done a great job with it.  I wish we were here to enjoy it more.  The kids are not enjoying it as much as I keep getting after them about not touching the walls, not walking in the kitchen, touch only the door handles!   I have deep cleaned the kitchen floor tile, the bathrooms, the kids room, scrubbed the closet doors, washed the blinds.  I have painted all the door trim, the chair rail, and the odd touch-up painting.

Be sure to notice all the nice trim work!

IMG_1096 IMG_1097 IMG_1107 IMG_1109 IMG_1114 IMG_1120 IMG_1121 IMG_1130IMG_1129

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  1. what a great job you have done. I can’t believe you will all will be leaving in 4 days. what a adventure. I Love you all .

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