Tomorrow will be moving day! We sat down last night and made a detailed schedule of all the things that need to get accomplished and those that we want to get accomplished before we leave on Monday (Fishing for Jeff, Girl Scout apple cider making, IMAX movies, ladies book club). We’ve also scheduled out where we will be eating out or getting take-out from.  Thank you for gift cards!

With tomorrow being moving day I need to get the kids and myself mostly packed for Spain.  I have mostly set aside what I think we will need to take to Spain for the year in regards to clothes, shoes, coats, winter clothes, school books, electronics, and paperwork, the unknown is how much all of this weighs.  I may have WAY more than I can actually take based on each person’s bag not exceeding 23kg.  If I have too much, I have to pair it down and get it in storage.  Which we’ve decided is going to be tomorrow.   I need to get the house picked up, I need to clean the dishes to be packed, I need to decide what is going to storage and what will be tossed on our way out the door.  The couch, dining room table, grill, kids bed’s, our bed, dining room chairs, t.v., dishes, bikes and remaining toys will all go to storage.  I don’t want a bunch of stuff to go to storage on Monday nor do I want to make a bunch of trips to storage for stuff we just didn’t get packed up and moved tomorrow.  We’re going to leave out the kid’s mattresses (1 – twin size IKEA foldable and 3 – crib sized) and all sleep on the floor together in sleeping bags until we leave.  The camping pads have long been packed.

In the coming days, I’m betting their will be lots of children shouting “ECHO, ECHO” around the house.

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