While we were renovating our house at the end of August we had to forgo our final camping trip of the season so that we could get the house somewhat in order before school started.  We decided on an impromptu trip to Hurrican Ridge in Olympic National Park on Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  It really wasn’t a good trip.  Lavender was sick but the two days before but seemed okay that morning, Jeff started feeling bad once we arrived and the girls were tired of the travel, hungry and cold by the time we got there.  To get to Hurricane Ridge you have to either drive an extra 1.5 hours or take a 30 minute ferry ride.  We opted for the ferry ride and got over to the park with little delay.  We waited for an hour and a half for the return ferry….a 10pm ferry.  It was a long wait.  While we were up at Hurricane Ridge we went for a short hike, had a snack and a pb&j dinner and headed back.  It was 50 degrees up at the ridge.  The girls weren’t interested in hiking at all so it was like herding cats.  They wanted to pet the very tame deer that walked the path with us.  The really big, neat playground we stopped at on the way home was the highlight of our trip. 

The view when we arrived…before the clouds rolled in.

Having a snack before a “hike”.  Notice the shirt October is wearing on her head to keep her head warm.

The ferry ride to the Olympic Pennisula

Our “hike”.  We should be hiking up but you can see how spread out we are and Scarlett and Lavender facing the wrong direction. 

A deer hiking near the trail we were on.

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