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While I still have plenty of domestic chores to do, I am finding for myself more projects that I am excited about.  I’ve finished my first ever crocheting project.  An infinity scarf.  It’s better than I pictured my first project coming out but not as good as I would like it to look.  I’ve moved on to helping Scarlett finish her scarf.  I’ve started reading aloud our history book to the kids during lunch break.  They’ve been getting into it and so have I.  We’ve read about the Spanish kings and Queen Elizabeth beheading her cousin and we’re now stuck on Jamestown.  It’s actually really interesting so we have stopped to learn more before we move on.  I am really quite ignorant about history and I have loved reading and homeschooling on history over the last two years as I have learned so much.  Last night during dinner we watched a Youtube video on the Jamestown colony.  (It’s not completely accurate as it’s presented from the English point of view)  I have plans for today to watch more.  I’d also like to get to more documentaries on Spanish history, Queen Isabel and Ferdinand.  I am also trying to make my website better.  I’d like a new name, one that doesn’t include our last name in it.  I have hopes for a greater reach for my blog and writing.  I’m working on an interactive map of where we’ve been together as a family – both here in Spain and in the U.S.  I’m trying to research possible work from home opportunities/businesses.  I’d like to get some Girl Scout training done so I can be more involved when I get back.  I have lots of ideas for more blog posts.  I’m working with the girls on making Valentines Day cards to share with their classmates.  I’m making hearty meals from scratch.  Really, yummy hearty meals without a recipe.  Last night was potato soup.  I’ve never eaten it or made it before and it was yummy!  I need to send more postcards.  I need to plan our spring break trip.  I am supposedly going to start volunteering at Jeff’s school but as with everything here the process here is slow.  Plus, there is always learning more Spanish and I’ve started Parenthood from Season 1 as well.  Whew!

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  1. Whew! Glad things are on upswing!! I wish I had half your ideas ;)) learning history while being in the area sounds extra rewarding for everyone.

  2. Are you thinking like some data processing, customer service or more of a startup?

    I think you should write a Kindle book on your experience!

    There are a lot of things you can do with a WordPress site, starting with just a template change to give you more room for growth.

    • Amanda

      February 19, 2015 at 10:44 am

      I have an idea for a blog (business startup????) that is more focused than my personal blog and would appeal to a greater audience on an on-going basis. It could also include a Kindle book. I’ve been learning about better ways to use WordPress and how to monetize a blog the last week or so. I also know it will take a while to create in a quality format. I’m also thinking of work as a student exchange coordinator and putting my experience as a fish out of water to use. I know a lot more now on what is needed to feel welcome and meet basic needs that others already living in the country may take for granted. But I’ll also need money sooner than later so any part-time data processing/admin work is on the table!

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