We’ve recently become members of the Pacific Science Center in Seattle.  A few weeks ago, I took the girls to see the IMAX 3D film “To the Artic” as we had been done a fair amount of homeschooling on Polar habitats and I thought this would be a great end to that.  I have never been to a 3D movie and I have only been to one IMAX movie before so it was really cool.  I had concerns that I would get motion sickness from it but it was all fine.  October was SO fascinated both by the movie itself and the 3D effects she could not stop talking the entire movie!  Luckily, it was fairly loud and I could barely hear her talking so I don’t think we upset anyone around us.  Scarlett refused to wear the 3D glasses and it was a little too realistic at times for Lavender.  She would duck or try to move away from the images as they appeared to come near us.  It was really interesting to me to watch how she responded to the movie becuase as an adult you realize that the polar bear is not really close to you or that the ice breaking is not going to hit you but as a 2 year old, she was really experiencing the movie as if it were real.  She sat on my lap the entire time and after the movie ended she handed me a crumbled up wad of fruit roll-up that she had been clenching in her hand the entire movie.  Yumm….warm, squished fruit roll-up!

Lavender with her 3D glasses!

The girls also really enjoyed the butterfly house.  October took the identification keys and would work to identify what butterflies she saw.  When we bought the membership we were going to a birthday party in the Butterfly house so they had spent a lot of time in there recently but they still wanted to go and check it out again!

Can you tell I have all three girls dressed alike?  In case I lose one!  I can say the lost one looks like these ones and people can readily see that we belong together!
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