Share your story

Far From Family is the perfect gathering place for sharing your stories.

Being far from family can mean so many things and I want to share your story!  Your story is unique and worthy of sharing.


What to write about

Far from Family offer you a chance to share your thoughts, inspirational or triumphant moments, and your struggles and conflicts.  Far From Family is for everyone experiencing life far from family regardless of your age, child-status, marital status or lifestyle choice.


Don’t know what to write or where to start?

I want to know….

  • How did you end up living where you are?
  • Did you plan to raise children geographically far from children?
  • How do you manage caring for elderly parents when you’re not there?
  • Do you manage to have a strong connection with grandchildren?
  • How does a spouse that travels frequently influence your family connection?
  • Have you made a move specifically to be closer to family? further away?
  • Do you have family traditions you uphold over the miles?
  • Do you regret or feel guilty living far from family?
  • Do your family members try to influence where you live?
  • Did you move from family while pregnant or with young children?
  • How did you announce your pregnancy to far away relatives?
  • Have you reconciled with a family member after years of being estranged?
  • What was it like to go through pregnancy and birth with family across the country or across the globe?
  • Has sibling rivalry or parental favoritism effected your ability to be connected as a family?
  • Did you bridge the miles before losing a loved one?
  • Has dementia impacted your ability to be connect?
  • Are your connections with family one-sided?
  • Specifically, how do you keep connected with family?

These are only idea’s. YOU have a unique, interesting and worthy story to share that is all your own.  Please don’t limit yourself to any of the above questions.  They are simply idea’s on potential posts.

Sharing your story offers you the chance to connect and inspire our collective families.


Submission Guidelines

– Posts need to be 500-1000 words.  If your post if longer, focus on one aspect.  You may always submit additional posts.

– You don’t need to be a writer or blogger to submit a post.  If your post has been previously published, the first two paragraphs will need to be reworked to be original.

– Your post may be edited for clarity and length.  A final version will be provided to you before posting.


How to Submit a Post

– Paste you post directly into the body of your email.

– If your post has previously been published online, please include a link to the original post.

– Include a short 2-3 sentence bio.  Include any social media or blog hyperlinks in your bio.

– Submit to amanda at farfromfamily dot com