Choas, Conversation, Games and Absorbing time this Christmas Eve

To channel my inner Clarke Griswold, I was hoping for a big ‘ol family Christmas.  My home, bursting at the seams with family members.  The brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandmas and papa, nieces and nephews.   The chaos and conversation.


The cat can be left at home though.  My husband is allergic.


A loud Christmas with each of us tripping over each other and having to sleep in a heap on the floor together.  A Christmas that might require a vacation to recover from.


This year though, I will have to continue to daydream about a big, old family Christmas.  It turns our that it is equally difficult for our long-distance family members to travel to see us as it is for us to traverse the miles.


So, it will be the five of us.  And I’m looking forward to that as well.

Family Game Night


Christmas in Spain last year was a little sad and lonely without our typical traditions and in a house that wasn’t really our home.  This year, I am embracing the season and wishing time would slow down so we could fit in a few more cookie making days before the big guy arrives.


I had been putting off hosting parties until we had a bigger home and a backyard. After ten years, I got tired of waiting and decided I was going to embrace our small home and limited parking and host a Winter Solstice party.  We prepared for days.  We cleaned and made space in every square foot of our home so that our guests could spread out and maybe, just maybe, want to return for future parties.  And I loved it.  Hosting a party was a very energizing way to start our Christmas break.


The return to our traditions, a party, a big tree, lots of food and being back in our home has been a wonderful.


I want to fill the time with game playing.  I want to get out and feel the crisp, fresh air.   I want to cuddle and watch another Christmas movie.  I want to lounge and read the new books they will be unwrapping.  I want to spend time enjoying each other’s company.

Kids Pictionary

Christmas Lights
Enjoying the neighborhood Christmas lights!


Yet we are also changing it up a bit this year.  I’m tired of spending half of Christmas day opening presents and the other half  cooking.


This past year, we have focused on downsizing and owning less stuff so our gift-giving has been drastically reduced as well.  I focused on buying used, buying less and making sure our gifts gave us opportunities to spend together.   All my children embraced making presents this year and my oldest has been diligently working on creating wooden cars for her sisters.  It’s been wonderful to watch.

October Presents


And I’ve FINALLY convinced my husband that we can make less food and it can still be festive and reflective of our celebration.  I’m excited!


It’s Christmas eve.  And what I’d really like is for time to slow down.


Where have the days that seem to last forever gone?  Are diapers necessary for the day to drag?  While I would love to hold my babies once again, I’m not looking to make more.  My husband and I still had presents to purchase this morning but I found myself wanting to shrug that off as I’d really just prefer to spend time together than rushing through the crowds to get that last-minute gift.  It’s just not important.


So today, I will try my very best to absorb every fleeting minute with my family and my wish is for you to do the same.


Wishing you warmest wishes for a Happy & Healthy Holiday!

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