Creation Crate Review from this Kids Angle

I was very excited to get my first Creation Crate box because I had seen the mood lamp online and I was eager to build my own . I am in sixth grade and although I have played in scratch and tried hour of code I had no coding experience prior to Creation Crate. 


When my first box arrived I quickly opened it and found the directions were not very big. So we went online to the support page and were able to open and enlarge the instruction booklet.






This was my first time building a circuit using a breadboard, as I began to put the hardware together I realized the LED wires where very delicate as were the short jumper wires. I found that the long jumper wires would get tangled and were hard to manage; though were not as delicate.


The programing took a long time and I found it to be tedious and boring. Although the coding did explain what the lines where for I did not feel I was learning, but rather copying. After several days of programing I checked the code and it said there were errors in the code. Try as I might I could not find all the errors in my code so again we went to the support page and clicked “I give up (download the code)” I did not like how it said “I give up” because I had worked hard over several days to solve the code.


When I finished building and uploading the program I tried my Creation Crate mood lamp and it did not work 🙁 . I took the hardware apart to rebuild it but I accidentally broke one of the LED’s fragile wires. My mom and I got the LED replaced from a local electronics store and I rebuilt the hardware. Try as I might the lamp still did not work. I was quite disappointed when my first project was a failure.



The monthly Creation Crate boxes came quicker than I could or wanted to complete them. I was working on box two when box five arrived.   


Pile of Creation Crate Boxes


My second Creation Crate  box was a memory game, it was a success. The coding was extremely long and boring. After several unsuccessful weeks of trying to get through six pages of code I went to the support (again) and this time happily clicked “I give up (download the code)”. Playing with the memory game afterwards was very fun and easy to use. in the back of the instructions booklet there are learning challenges but after weeks of working on this project I was happy to be done with the work and ready to move on to playing with the memory game.

Creation Crate memory game


So….. Would I Recommend Creation Crate?

I would not recommend this for beginners. It has been seven months since my first box arrived and I am still on box three. The process has not been engaging enough for me to want to work on my Creation Crate projects every day. I believe that if I had some more coding knowledge or if my parent had even a little bit of electronic knowledge I would have had a more encouraging start. Less delicate wires for beginners or extra wires would be helpful.

Overall, I found Creation Crate to be more frustrating than fun.