My, my is Lavender a stubborn child!  For 20 minutes this morning she walked around with her pants around her ankles, crying and saying “mommy, mommy!”.  She’s 2.5 and we pretty much do everything for her and she likes it this way.  Somehow, okay not “somehow” but because she is the baby of the family and didn’t have a pregnant mom or newborn sibling to compete with it has slipped our minds to require her to do a few things for herself.  Like learning how to pull up her own pants or taking her own shoes off when she comes in the door.  After helping her get her feet in her pants this morning, I asked her to pull them up.  She just looked at me and said “Mommy!”  When I tried to show her by grabbing her hands to pull them up she refused to let her hands touch the waist of her pants, started crying and screaming “mommy!”  This continued to 20 minutes!  Yes, 20 minutes she walked around with her pants around her ankles while I refused to pull up her pants for her and she refused to even touch the waistband.  Finally (after being told she was going back to bed), she pulled them up and I gave her a high five.  She was not impressed.  This evening, she refused to take off her own shoes.  I know full well she can do it because she takes them off in the car and whenever she is in a shopping cart.  But refuse she did.  At one point, Scarlett bent down to take them off for her but we wouldn’t allow it (She not only gets us to do things for her but also her sisters).  She rolled on the floor, stiff armed us if we tried to guide her and generally threw a fit while yelling “Mommy!”.  Not until threat of going to bed did she begrudgingly take her shoes off.  Again, we high fived her.  And guess what, she still wasn’t impressed.

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