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Honoring Loved Ones this Holiday

The traditions of the holiday season always leaves me feeling more connected to family. For me, the traditions transcend the miles and milestones.   Whether its unpacking the Christmas decorations my Grandmother made or hanging my childhood stocking or spending the day baking cookies, it all reminds me of holidays gone by and makes me […]

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Celebrating the Holidays Far from Family

  We’ve celebrated countless Thanksgiving and Christmas far from our family for over a decade now.   Over those years, many holidays were happily celebrated with only myself and my husband or us and our small children.   But I, also, longed to be celebrating with my family and a stuffed house many of those […]

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Welcoming the in-laws to a tour of our life

My in-laws are being shown a personal tour of our daily lives courtesy of my children, myself & my husband.   And my children & my in-laws absolutely love it.   Living life far from family means that when we do get together with family it is often for weddings, holidays or during summer vacation. […]

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Circle Cut Out Amanda

 I am a lover of campfires and road trips, long summer days spent outdoors and long winter nights reading by the fire. I blog about living far from family and ways to keep connected. And on an given day, I may regret living far from family while also being thankful for where I am.  Find out more!
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