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We decided to head to Toledo this weekend.  It’s been recommended from folks we personally know as well as it’s in Lonely Planet’s Top 25 for Spain (which will not be the last post on us hitting a top 25).  I had planned an elobrate trip via bus, metro subway and high-speed train to get us here.  The transportation was nearly the cost of the hostel for 2 nights.  An impromptu “beer thirty” lead to us renting a car.  It seemed a no-brainer to decline the extra car rental coverage offering to lower the deductible.  When I got in to drive to the nearest store to buy kid booster seats seemed like a bad idea.  I forgot all the cars are manual transmissions, ok not a huge deal — once I figured out where reverse actually was and that there were 6 gears.  I forgot how tightly packed these Spainards seem to be able to park, that was a bigger deal.  I was exuberant when the folks in front of me drove away!  But a few round-abouts and a few practice reverses and I was set to go.  We found ourselves a “super-Walmart” type store and it was AMAZING!!!  We went to get car seats for kids but it I mean it was amazing!, things we have been missing were all before our eyes!  Black beans! White t-shirts! Panty liners! Taco seasonings!  It may well have been good enough to call it a successful long-weekend without even visiting a Lonely Planet Top 25 sight!
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  1. sounds like a great adventure.. did you find peanut butter ??? the small things in life that make you happy white t shirts and panty liners, did you stock up ????. lol.. no trick or treating ?????

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Im surprised you escaped super walmart… The car stress reminds me of doing similar in Mexico- declined extra insurance, wrestled with 6 speed, unmarked dirt roads and surprise cows on the freeway. Blood pressure up.

  3. How funny is that!! Isn’t it interesting the things that bring us happiness. Is the super store far from where you live?

    • Amanda

      November 7, 2014 at 8:55 am

      The superstore is a 1.5 hour bus ride and a 20 minute walk. It’s a 35 minute drive though and is near the Enterprise rental car location. So we will have to make our trips strategically!

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