The girls are into these little magnets that they trade at school right now.  Scarlett talked several people into giving her some and then even convinced another friend to give October two as well.  I’m not really sure what the protocol is for trading trinkets at school or even among kids for that matter.  I never had anything I traded….oh…wait…maybe, Garbage Pail Kids?  I’m pretty sure I had some of these but I don’t remember an active trading market.  October was very excited when she found out we could buy them ourselves in Buitrago and they could have EVEN MORE TO TRADE!!

We had to go to the store, which is actually a candy store, immediately at lunch time so they could see if they were really there.  I succeeded in asking the store clerk if he had these and how much they cost.  I called it a victory.  The girls were so excited that I bought them each one packet – 1 euro.  After gymnastics class we also had to return to the candy store so they could buy more with their own money. Scarlett spent 5 euro’s in one day on trading magnets and tic tacs.  I guess she’s been seriously craving some tic tacs!

I’m going along with the whole trading magnet hoopla.  It’s good for them to have something to interact with the other kids with.  October already traded one she didn’t really want but that way she had a more complete family.  And Scarlett lost one so she didn’t take them to school today either.  These trading magnets may be over my next week!

IMG_3212 IMG_3213

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