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Amanda –

I am a lover of campfires and road trips, long summer days spent outdoors and long winter nights reading by the fire.  I blog about living far from family and ways to keep connected.  And on an given day, I may regret living far from family while also being thankful for where I am.





I love that you’ve stopped by to read and connect with myself and my family! If you wish to use any of my content, please give credit where credit is due. It’ll make the internet a happier place!  Also, The Riersons contains paid advertising & affiliate links. Read the complete Disclosure Policy as well as the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy for more information.


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Jeff –

A passionate teacher, wonderful husband and loving father.







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October –

I have brown eyes.  I love to draw.  I love to fish.  It is very fun and I think I am very good at it.  Once I caught a brown trout. My favorite place to go fishing is the Yellow Dog River in Michigan.  I also love to ice skate.  I think I am very good at it.






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Scarlett –

I am loving.  I like running with Daddy.  I liked hiking at Mt. Rainier.







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Lavender –

I like camping and biking.  I liked going camping when it was thunder storming.  I like running in the rain and playing in the sun.  I like to see cat tails and tigers; but those are at the zoo.  I like to go to the zoo.  I also like Ice Skating but I fall down sometimes.  The last time I went ice skating, I let go of the walker!  It was SO cool!  I even pushed the walker away and stood on the ice by myself.  When I have my birthday, I love having cake!







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  2. Linda UNO

    I am smiling so big seeing you and reading what the girls had to say. It sounds just like each one of them. I miss you and can’t wait to hear about your amazing adventures.

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