Our family has gone into hibernation.  This is really the best way to describe it.  It’s cold and the wind chill factor is simply brutal.  Something about being in a mountain valley along a river?  The highs have been around 30 degrees Fahrenheit, the lows around 10 but the wind is at 20 mph with gusts to 30.  Lavender just about cries every morning on our walk to school.

October, Scarlett & I have learned to crochet and are all working on scarfs.  I’m quite impressed with how the girls are doing.  October is almost done with her scarf and has gone through an entire skein of yarn.  In this cold weather (and cold house) we have begun to hibernate.  After school we all gather in beds together. We crochet, cuddle and watch Netflix.  We get out of bed to have some dinner but then we all gather back in bed to cover up and crochet some more and watch Netflix.  I’ll required American schoolwork be done but it will also be done in bed.  Other nights the girls have a rhythmic gymnastics class before we gather in bed together.  We might gather on the beds in the girls room or more often we all pile into our double bed in a jumbled mess of bodies, blankets and yarn.  Around 9pm, we send the kids to their beds and everyone goes to sleep for the night.  Yes, that includes Jeff & I.  We all slumber for 10 hours or so and repeat the next day when we will again gather in bed together.   This routine isn’t helping me reach my goal of being active in the new year but the cuddles and quiet time together as a family makes me smile.

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  1. Debbie B

    So sweet that you are making the most of your freeze crisis. And crocheting- what great idea! Poor Lavender! Omg. After scarves maybe burglar ski masks :/

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