In 30 years, I wonder what the girls will remember of their year living in Spain.  Lavender is only 4 years so many of her memories may be vague or based on what she hears from her sisters but Scarlett and October most assuredly will have memories.  Will it be their school experience?  The castles? The long-walk through city streets their parents took them on?  Being dragged around Cathedrals, Mosques and Temples?  The long-bus rides?  The historical sights?  They will all remember bits and pieces and I can almost picture them grown and reminiscing together.

Although based on the current topics discussed, I’m afraid the most lasting memories may be of Jesus and penises.  I know, the irony.  We’ve seen a lot of historical and religious monuments.  We are living in a very Catholic area; exploring on foot so we have more of chance to really see the world around us.  Much more so than if we were whizzing by in a car.  They talk about all the different paintings and sculptures of Jesus.  Along with the various states of blood and destruction surrounding him.  They want to know how he could hang their like that and why people killed each other so much in those times.  And why they painted pictures of it!  They debate whether or not he’s real.  There is also nudity in all sorts of places – artwork, sculptures, school, and the science center.  We went to the Science Center in Granada and at the time they had an exhibit on the Human Body.  There were sections for your cells, circulation, heart, digestive tract, nerves, reproduction and your bones.  If you had to venture a guess as to which section had the most nudity, you’d guess reproduction.  You would also be wrong.  The bones section had a video about how your bones move and what type of joints are in your body.  Except that the man and woman in the video were completely naked.  Full frontal, full back, side….you know so you could fully appreciate their joints.  The man would stand there naked and lift his arm to show how his shoulder joint worked and the shot would turn in a 360 view so that you could see how his shoulder muscle worked from all angles.  Except if you were one of my children you weren’t looking at his shoulders.  And really, how could you?  It was so out-of-place; the nudity not the body parts.  The woman was completely nude as well and she was showing you how the ball and socket of your hip moved your leg.  So there she was, raising her leg to the back and rotating it around to the front and back down.  And then repeating it in the opposite direction.  Naked.  I’m pretty sure you could have put either of these models in a nude suit or even a bathing suit! And still got the images across.  They weren’t muscular models and the exhibit wasn’t on muscles. I really should have taken a video.  I was concerned about seeming like a creep though!


Mezquita Cordoba


Here are Scarlett & Lavender discussing Jesus


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