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Horseback Riding Narrative by October

Family Horseback Riding

My family and I went horseback riding.  We walked to the ranch because we did not have a car but it was not far.  Because we do not speak Spanish my mom was unsure if we were signed up.  Luckily we were signed up.

I rode with my dad.  My horse was small and white.  My dad’s horse was bigger than mine and brown. The saddle was different because there was no horn which was strange.  At the beginning my horse ran the opposite direction it was a little scary. The instructor ran very fast to stop my horse.   We rode around a big loop it stunk a little.  We went up a big hill.  It looked very beautiful.

When we got back from the loop I waved to my sisters and mother.  At the end I told my mom and dad that I thought it would always be a dream to ride a horse without someone holding the reins and walking the horse.  I was happy.

The end


Christmas Program

All the last week at school the girls have different activities going on in celebration of Christmas.  I received a Circular Navidad outlining the week.  Lavender had a Christmas program on Monday.  They sang songs to the parents that they had been practicing.  It was really cute.  It’s interesting in that I thought Lavender would just absorb the Spanish language and come home speaking it effortlessly.  I thought she would be the first in the family to learn.  Her teacher and nearly all the teachers of the 3,4 & 5 year olds speak Spanish exclusively.  It really hasn’t been the case.   I think she knows the least amount of Spanish of any of us.

October had her program for the parents on Wednesday and Scarlett on Thursday.  Both were very brief but fun to see.  I nearly broke out in tears before October’s performance.  “I’ll be Home for Christmas” was playing as an interlude between classes.

On Wednesday, there was a storyteller coming to all the lower grades.  On Thursday, the kids went to sing Christmas Carols at the nursing home in town.  And then on Friday, each grade performed their Christmas song to the rest of the school and they had a visit from…well, I’m not really sure…it’s not Santa…the translator app says it’s a visit from “The Royal Pages”.  I think maybe it was the three wise men.

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