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Castle of Mendoza

After our nice long-weekend in Toledo and lets be honest the freedom of having a car I was desperate to find a reason to rent a car again.  It’s a pretty cheap deal to rent through Enterprise and I can pick the car up and drop the car off while the kids are in school.  We also knew that we were too tired and the kids a bit sniffly and under the weather to tackle a lot of walking and sightseeing.  So Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Segovia was out but the Castle of Mendoza was in.  It was a close drive – 45 minutes.  Not a big city to hike though with additional sightseeing.  It is the most renovated Castle we’ve seen and while there was definitely parts that were a no-no to touch we were able to go up spiral staircases and down other stone spiral staircases that left me dizzy by the time I reached the bottom.  The tapestries were amazing and thanks to Jack and Annie of The Magic Tree House book series the girls knew what they were and had a basic idea of how they were made.  Scarlett’s favorite part was the bedroom – it was just like all the beds  of princesses she had ever seen in books and movies!  You can always see more photos on our photo website.

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Castle Walls

Our epic 4 hour walk on Saturday that took us to a very nice but closed park and a quick horseback ride for Lavender concluded with us being able to tour the top of the castle in Buitrago!  Until now, we only could walk along the outside portion of the walls and weren’t able to get to the top where the armory is displayed.  It was so cool!  The inside of the castle has been under renovations but will be opened next month.  The kids and myself are so excited.


This is the original castle walls as they were built in 1134. It was later reinforced and built larger in the 14th century. We were able to go into the Castle walls to see the original walls.

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We were heading back home from a 4 hour walk when we saw people on top of the castle; where we previously could not get to. We were so excited it didn’t matter we had already been out and about for so long!

It was a gorgeous day so we decided to walk to the dam 2km outside of town.  The park looked wonderful!  A playground, a seasonal swimming pool (so yeah it was closed in October) and nice lawns.  But alas it was closed.  October was SO upset and Scarlett didn’t see any issue in us just jumping the fence.

IMG_1199 IMG_1196

After having a sparse picnic lunch we decided to walk to the equestrian place outside of town in the opposite direction of the farm.  I knew we could go horseback riding but wasn’t sure of the cost or of the age restrictions.  We decided to go despite the high probability of melt-downs and Lavender got an impromptu horse back ride with the woman who spoke a little English and her little boy.  We’ll take the kids back soon to get a proper horseback ride!

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