I started packing up my bedroom!  I pulled everything out of the closets and drawers and made piles of donate, definitely won’t take to Spain but will store and those clothes in the running for making the trip to Spain.  While I thought the sorting and organizing my clothes was a bit cumbersome, it was nothing compared to sorting the kids clothes!


Here is the current pile of clothes for Lavender for the year in Spain.  Is this enough?  Really, I have no idea.  But sorting and organizing was a HUGE ordeal.  So I needed to weed out stained and torn clothing…easy.  Then I needed to see what fit currently and what had the potential to fit through the year.  Then I needed to estimate what may fit kids when we returned and not only guess if it would fit but if it would fit in the correct season.  Lavender is fitting in a lot of size 5 clothes but so is Scarlett.  And Scarlett isn’t completely into size 6 yet and October isn’t completely out of size 7 yet.  Whew!  Just sitting there thinking about it is making  your head swim!  So finally, I made a bucket for each size – 5,6 & 7 and a large pile of donation for size 4 clothes.  So anything that is a size 4 and isn’t traveling with us just needs to go to donation, as it won’t fit anyone when we return.  And size 5 spring clothes most likely needs to go as well since it will be almost fall when we return.  I started this process with Lavender and worked my way up but really it would have been more efficient to go the opposite direction.  October would have tried on her clothes, anything that didn’t fit would move to Scarlett.  If it fit Scarlett then in the drawer it went, if not then in the box for storage.  And so and so on.  In the end, I spent a day on sorting and organizing clothes.  I have three large garbage bags for donation (all going to Eastside Baby Corner) which really seems like a lot to pull out of the kids room.  But, really it’s already been said we have too much stuff!  Including clothes.  I picked the clothes for Lavender for Spain, I had Scarlett make a few choices and I let October make a lot more choices!  Which was awful.  She quickly realized that clothes she didn’t choose to travel with us would be too small for her when we returned and she had a meltdown.  She’d weigh how much she already had a chance to wear the clothes, how much of a chance she’d have to fit into when she returned and what she might want to wear in Spain.  I quickly realized I had given her too many choices and too much involvement in the process.


The kids now have a basket each (and a few hanging items) to wear between now and when we leave.  I’ve got a bag of clothes for each kid destined for Spain set aside and all the other clothes have gone to storage or donation.  I’m digging the no dressers (they are in storage already) and just a bucket of clothes.  No drawers left open or half crammed shut.