We have been working hard to get our condo in shape for it to be rented out.  Although, truth be told every time I talk to the property management company I want to run into a hole and hide.  It’s just so much information and so much unknown.  And risk.  I hadn’t really thought about the nuts and bolts (and risk) of renting out our home.  Jeff is more than eager to get out of our condo and seems to have already thought through the risk — he was quite surprised when I freaked out about it the other day.  I hadn’t thought about the cost if the rental goes awry.  If the renter floods the house and the two houses below. If the renter….okay you get the idea.  I think I’d rather just leave the place vacant.  At least then I know EXACTLY how much money I will be losing versus the potential of how much I could lose.  I guess it’s a rather fatalistic view but I’m nervous about it.  I’d be less worried if I knew the renter but we’re going with a property management company who will do all of the tenant screening, leasing, maintenance, rental collections, etc.  In fact, our condo will be re-keyed the day after we move out.  Which makes sense if you’re the renter, you can have peace of mind that the owner isn’t going to come in one day but for me it’s a rather tangible awareness that I’m not in control (yet, still have the financial obligations).  *SIGH* *deep breath*  I’m just going to keep putting one foot in front of the other and have faith (and a good landlord policy) that everything will be all right.  And maybe, just maybe it will be more than all right.