We left for our road trip on June 26th.  We’ll leave for Spain on September 29th.  During that time, Jeff has been off work and I’ve worked (about) sixteen – 4 hour shifts and one 8 hour shift.  October spent a week at resident camp.  That equates to A LOT of time together as a family.  24/7.  To be exact (okay, not be exact) that is three months of us being together without strict schedules, buses to catch, or clocks to punch.  We’ve drifted to sleeping until 10 am (and yes, including the children) and the kids going to bed at 10 pm with us following at midnight.  We’ve ALL gotten our monies worth from Netflix; whether it’s cartoons in the morning or movies for the adults at night.  This second setback in the Visa paperwork has kick-started us back into getting kids to return to their school work, DAILY!  (A kid at the playground asked October what grade she was in.  She said she was going into 3rd.  I smiled silently as I realized, everyone else is already back to school….they are no longer “going into” a grade!)  It’s allowed us some time to get stuff done that we were probably going to start throwing money (that we don’t have) at.  The time together has been nice a lot of days and crappy some days.  And I’m looking forward to our next adventure!