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Sick day

Some days of homeschooling were hard and others enjoyable.  Some were long and others flew by.  Teaching the kids all day then making dinner and heading off to work made the day very busy and long.  Yet now, here in Spain, I am not really sure where my days have gone to.  Maybe it the eight times a day I walk to school or the time consuming process of making three meals a day and all those dishes or the time I spend trying to translate school papers.  But just the same some days are long and drawn out and others quick and enjoyable.  On Tuesday October wasn’t feeling well and Scarlett had an ugly looking rash. They both slept from late afternoon on Monday so I kept them home on Tuesday. (Lavender went to school). While they rested some, we caught up on our American homework.  Lots of math and reading, a little writing.  We didn’t watch any movies, they played very little.  We really did lots of review and learning and with very little nagging or complaining.  We need to keep them on track with their American grade levels while we are here as well as having them be immersed in Spanish at school but the reality is we haven’t been as consistent as we need to be.  Tuesday was nice. Yes, I was smearing goop on Scarlett’s ugly rash every hour but I was also very much enjoying being home with (two of) my kids and enjoying teaching them.


It occurred to us a while ago that while I unenrolled the girls from school, I hadn’t done anything to indicate where they were moving to and begun wondering if they were going to show up on a truancy report somewhere.  Since the girls have been taking homeschool classes through the public school system they are officially public school students; albeit ones that only attend five hours a week.  When I thought we were leaving at the end of August I didn’t really even think about it.  When I thought we were leaving mid-September I figured by the time they showed up on a truancy report we’d be gone.  Now that we aren’t leaving until the end of September, I probably should have filed a Declaration of Intent to Homeschool to prevent them from showing up on any truancy reports.  *Shrug* paperwork.

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