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Birthday Party

I wrote my phone number on a piece of paper, shoved it in October’s pocket, hastily told her how I thought she could ask in Spanish to use the phone and I left. If I followed Parents magazine advice I would have also asked if there were guns in the home. At least in the states. Not sure I they have the right to bear arms here.

I took October to her first birthday party here. I dropped her off at a home/restaurant with a family that spoke NO English. After we arrived and before I left, I had a fleeting urge to just smile, scoop October up (lets just pretend I can still lift her) and go home. But I didn’t and she had a great time. Free refills of coco-cola and night-time zombie chase made for a good party it seems.

I picked her up 2.5 hours later, had a beer with the host and a few other moms (half who were smoking) and stumbled through some not so awkward conversation on where we were from and how long we would be here. And October likely forgot 10 minutes into the party about the phone number tucked in her pocket.

Going Away Party

I debated for awhile on having going away party.  August seemed to be filled with social events and parties and it seemed making this circuit would allow us to say good-bye to everyone without having to plan, host or worry about a party.  I changed my mind when October asked me after one of these events if this was the last time she would see X.  Having a definite ending point, a going-away party, would be good for everyone.  It’s been long a time since we hosted a party and I’ve got to say I really miss hosting parties.  Somewhere along the long we just stopped hosting parties, sure, we’d host October’s birthday — but even that we avoided this year (Yeah, Indoor Skydiving!).  We hosted the party at a nearby park that we frequent that usually isn’t too busy and has a great circular bike path for the kids.  The weather was amazing…even hot.  The turn-out was good.  The opportunity to say good-bye was great.

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