I wasn’t looking forward to going to San Sebastian over our Easter break.  I’ll admit it.  We’ve been to lots of gorgeous, interesting and historical cities.  I’ve seen castles, monuments, tombs, cathedrals, roman ruins, mosques, palaces, and museums.

I’ve felt the heat of car engines as they pass along narrow, stone-cobbled streets while I press myself and the kids flat against the nearest wall.  I’ve driven the very same roads.

And I’ve enjoyed seeing all of it.

Except maybe now, I was feeling a little done with the constant on-the-go of our vacations and instead feeling the real need to relax, enjoy some nature and just be still.

If Jeff had not been so excited about San Sebastian, I would have chosen a beach along the Mediterranean.  We would have seen a town or two but another city would not have been on the itinerary.

Which would have been a real loss.  It was a culinary delight!

The food of San Sebastian was amazing!

San Sebastian Food Collage

I had been saving our food budget dollars since December in anticipation of this trip.  We watched Anthony Bourdain’s travels to San Sebastian and Spain on Netflix.  I mapped out great Pinxto Bars in Lonely Planet.

But truthfully, I didn’t expect the sheer mass of food at every Pinxto bar we entered.

I didn’t expect to have the same experience as I saw on Netflix or read in Lonely Planet.

I’ve been disappointed by the food in so many other places, I really wasn’t prepared to actually experience of the full bar line-up of food in San Sebastian.


Bar Nagusia

By and far our favorite Pixto bar was Zeruko.  It had great tasting and innovative food.  We found this at the end of second day and it was hard to leave.  It also ruined us to other places.  THIS place was THAT good!

The tomato looking appetizers actually were stuffed with a tuna-type filling.

San Sebastian Zeruko


Here are the places we ate or drank at:

  • Zeruko – See the collage above.  AMAZING food!
  •  Bar Borda Berri – We had Veal cheek and pig’s ear.
  • Astelena – A fried, pistachio encrusted Vegemite pintxo was our favorite.
  • Bar Nagusia – October loved her a fried ham pintxo.
  • Bar Goiz-Argi – The stuffed pepper was great!
  • Sirimiri Atari Akademy – Wonderful, fresh pintxo’s.
  • Casa Alcalde – I had octopus here.
  • Jatetxea – October had to have a pinxto in an especially large shell.
  • Museo del Whisky – Jeff had a wonderful (two wonderful) Old Fashions’

Bar Borda Berri

Bar Nagusia

Bar Goiz-Argi

Casa Alcalde

Whiskey Bar

Sirimiri Akademy

Jatetxea October