The holiday season is quickly approaching. The calendar says Thanksgiving is this week. As in two days. But it’s not Thanksgiving here. Nor are the kids studying it for English class. And there are no black Friday ads. Actually, it was the black Friday ads filling my facebook posts that first alertedly me to the approaching holiday. The deals, the discussion of holiday creep and the morality of retail stores open on Thanksgiving. I enjoy scouring the ads. Although, I’ve rarely ventured out at the crack of dawn (once for diapers at Babies R US, once for a Zune, neither of which I was early enough for).  Before we had kids, we used to go to Target and fill our cart with all the things on sale we’d like to buy.  In the end we’d sigh and go home with a couple of DVDs.  There are no turkeys in the stores (at least not in our town) and certainly no promotions of getting a free turkey when you spend $150.  But, there are whole, skinned rabbits in the store.  Turkey substitute?

We decided on a modified Thanksgiving menu.  Baked beans, squash, green been casserole (complete with dried onions), scalloped potatoes with ham and an apple pie.  I gathered YouTube videos on the history of Thanksgiving for the girls and we made our Thankful Turkey craft.  Both the YouTube video and craft, Jeff will be using in one of his classes tomorrow as well — English Language Learning.  And you know what, it did put me in the holiday mood.  Maybe, tomorrow I’ll put a bunch of stuff I don’t need and won’t actually buy in my shopping cart in honor of Black Friday (i.e. Black week??)


Scarlett:s Thanksgiving Turkey. She is thankful for Days off of school [to spend with her family], life, food, the world, her family and love.


Lavender’s Turkey. She is thankful Scarlett and October, Mommy, Grandma’s, Castles, food and family movies.


October’s Turkey. She is thankful for life, family, sisters, peace, grandma and food.

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