The Name Change

Shortly after we arrived and the girls began school, Scarlett was very excited to learn her name in Spanish is Scarletta.  And since then she has been signing her name as such and asking her classmates and her family to call her Scarletta.  I guess I can be glad it’s not a completely different name. Although it’s  pretty much the same I seem to butcher the correct “espanol” pronunciation…every….time.  I simply say “Vi-O-let-A”  but according to the small people inhabiting my home it should be: “BEE-O-let-AH”.  Maybe I’ll get it right for the plane ride home.

School papers from Halloween

School papers from Halloween

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  1. Debbie B

    Haaa. I’m reading this in a Dr’s waiting room and laughed out loud! Yes at least it’s not another name. Ray was doing book report on Jesse Owens- his name was James Cleveland and family called him JC- a teacher misunderstood and called him Jesse– he later legally changed his name. Darn teachers. Aside from Jeff of course 😉

  2. Barbara Christensen

    LOL!!! I love that!

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