Buitrago del Lozoya

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Pictures of the town we live in here in Spain.  We took a hike last weekend and I have finally found a working internet connection to be able to post some pictures.  The castle walls and mountains surrounding us are very cool; the mountains look like they’ll keep us cold though!  While the town itself looks fairy small, I was expecting a much smaller town.  That being said, I can quickly walk from one end of town to the other.  There are several fish markets, several butchers, several “supermarkets” — lets use that term loosely.  Very loosely.  A children’s clothing store, two hardware stores (1 with an English speaking shopkeeper), a shoe store, many restaurants, a pharmacy (bought a 28 pack of Prilosec for 2,45 Euros compared to $20 US), and even a small Picasso Museum.  While there is much more here than I was imagining or could see from Google Earth 🙂 it is a small town and everyone knows who we are.  I went to the Pharmacy yesterday and the woman helping me (who spoke English! Yay!) mentioned – oh, my 6 year old sits next to your six year old in class.  When the kids see us they smile and say “HELLO!” .  I’m pretty sure it’s the only English they know and I also know they know we are the American’s.  All the local kids know October & Scarlett but since October is more outspoken with all different ages (Thank you, Emerson K12!) the kids all shout to her and say hi.  At the library yesterday, some teenagers took advantage of running into October so that she could help them with their English homework.  I thought it was cute.  She would read them the instructions then they would point to more on the worksheet and she’d say the answer.  They’d point to their eyebrows and we’d say the “eyebrows.”  They’d circle a word describing the picture and ask me if they were correct.  Like I said, I thought it was cute.  Jeff asked me if she was helping them cheat.  Now that I think about it, cheating is probably what she was doing.

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  1. Gorgeous pics! Looks like a fairy tale village.

  2. Now I know why you say everyone knows averyone.. It looks small town. even smaller than Davisburg.

  3. It’s so picturesque! What an adventure! How is everyone’s Spanish coming along?

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