Fall Traditions.

Thinking about and looking at photos of the fall traditions back home got me a little homesick yesterday. There aren’t really many of our traditional fall activities here.  No fields full of pumpkins.  No apple cider pressing or even apple cider to be had.  No halloween decorations in store windows.  I hadn’t even seen any pumpkins.  I decided to check out some eBooks from the library on Halloween — ones I would traditionally read to the kids.  Jeff came home early and we made a plan on how to keep on with some of our fall traditions.  We bought bags and bags of apples.  I don’t think making apple cider will go well but we’ll try apple crisp and maybe try some apple games or apple stamping art projects.  We bought craft supplies for the kids to make halloween decorations.  We found a Happy Halloween banner.  We bought some squash that we plan to carve like jack-o-lanterns.  I helped out after-school in Scarlett’s wing of the school to decorate the classroom doors with Halloween themes.  That was a lot of fun!  I showed off some pictures of the pumpkin fields to the teachers there (I can’t figure out how to print them easily .  And while I was gone, Jeff took the girls to the China store to buy the costume accessories and happened upon a great surprise!


Kids decorations started


The squash we bought to carve. I think I’ve chosen pumpkins this big.


And for the surprise!  Jeff and the girls went to the Fruiteria and found!!!!!!!!














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  1. Nice surprise! Hope the kids had a fun time with them.

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