We had a great vacation to Mt. Rainier National Park.  It felt like we were on vacation and yet we were only 2 hours from home.  We went for a hike through an old growth forest and saw GIGANTIC trees, we drove to 6400 and enjoyed the views, we went for a hike through snow covered meadows and played in the snow.  Here are some of our amazing photos!

Grove of the Patriarchs Trail

In front of the Big Cedar Tree

July 28, 2012

Reflections Lake

July 29, 2012

Mt. Rainier from Paradise

Scarlett at Mt. Rainier – Paradise Vistor Center

Hiking skyline trail from Paradise Visitor Center – Scarlett is on my back!

Snowy meadows.  Jeff carrying Scarlett, I’m carrying Lavender and Octoberis ahead in the yellow shirt.
Lavender running in the Grove of the Patriarchs

Yet another injury to Scarlett!

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