A** Wash??

We have used the bidet.  All the ladies that is.  Jeff is the last hold out.  When we moved in, I couldn’t really imagine using it. I’ve gone 30+ years without needing a special toilet for my ass. Now that that’s cold inside and out, I may see the benefit.  The thought of showering even other day seems…..well, cold. I really don’t mind the cold weather outside but the cold house has made me come a little unglued.  At the same time, the thought of sending smelly kids to school and not only being known as the “Americans” but the smelly American’s is a bit  much.  When I mentioned to the kids they were going to take a body bath to wash their privates (but not their hair as it was too cold) they suggested we use the “butt washer” instead.  Ah…good point. Solid use of the bidet.  So we all stripped from the knees to the waist and washed our smelly privates.  Maybe not the exact proper usage of the bidet (or maybe it is) but one I see us using until the weather turns warm again. Thumbs up for sharing!

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  1. Debbie B

    I’m a week behind in reading your blog and I MUST pick this one to read! You adventurers! It’s like camping with walls and furniture. So this reminds me my European relatives all have (in addition to regular shampoo): dry shampoo. I did a quick google and will paste a link w multiple recipes but have heard half baby powder and half something from the kitchen like corn starch or one of those powders. Hugs hugs! Paste: or rather dust on dry towel off: http://beauty.thefuntimesguide.com/2010/01/dry_shampoo.php

    • Amanda

      Yes – I tried corn starch as a dry shampoo. I looked like I had bleached my hair old lady gray! It was bad. I had to take a shower. I’ve tried it on a smaller scale and the cornstarch does ok; if you use the tinest amouunt! Now, I wear a winter hat every day. Who knows what I’m hiding under here!

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