First Leg

We left Monday at 3pm after a flurry of activity all morning. The kids were insane. I was insanely anxious, which made the kids seem even more out of control.  We had one last load to take to storage, the little red car to deliver to a friend, the Wi-Fi boxes to return and to return the rental car.  I am always an anxious flyer but never having flown internationally before and never flying with so much luggage was adding to my stress and my nervousness.  We got to the airport with lots of time to spare. Just the way I like it.  We had dinner at the airport. The kids played. And the airline I thought was a budget carrier turned out to be quite nice. We had seats together despite me not paying the extra fee to book them in advance.

The flight went well. Long. Very long. October and Lavender slept quite a bit. Scarlett stayed wake until 10 minutes before we landed (it was a 10 hour flight!)  I managed a few hours of intermittent sleep. Jeff got some sleep. There was a person needing medical assistance during the flight. An announcement was made asking if their was a doctor on board. The passenger made it all the way to Frankfurt but was taken off the plane by ambulance.

We wandered with the herd through a seemingly endless maze of the Frankfurt airport.  Went through another security screening process where I had the honor with Lavender of a pat down.  That was surprising.  We stood in several lines, followed a guy on a bike that took us to the wrong wing, passed through a passport screening station and are now finally waiting near our gate with the kids playing on a small playground.  Our layover is 6 hours….so I am writing this from the Frankfurt International Airport!  We’ve got another 2 hours to wait!

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  1. Ruth R

    oh my gosh a 6 hr layover.. holly crap.. glad to hear the first leg is over with. Love ya, MOM

  2. Debbie Bowman

    Found your site! Eager to read about your travels and so glad that flight is over. PS the science center called regarding a certain lost n found item … Ha!

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