I debated for awhile on having going away party.  August seemed to be filled with social events and parties and it seemed making this circuit would allow us to say good-bye to everyone without having to plan, host or worry about a party.  I changed my mind when October asked me after one of these events if this was the last time she would see X.  Having a definite ending point, a going-away party, would be good for everyone.  It’s been long a time since we hosted a party and I’ve got to say I really miss hosting parties.  Somewhere along the long we just stopped hosting parties, sure, we’d host October’s birthday — but even that we avoided this year (Yeah, Indoor Skydiving!).  We hosted the party at a nearby park that we frequent that usually isn’t too busy and has a great circular bike path for the kids.  The weather was amazing…even hot.  The turn-out was good.  The opportunity to say good-bye was great.

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