Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is not an internationally celebrated holiday.  As such, on Thursday the girls had school and Jeff had work.  Interestingly, Jeff asked students if they knew what Thanksgiving was.  A few did but mostly they wanted to know if he went shopping for Black Friday.  During the day I picked up some last minute supplies up for our planned Friday Thanksgiving celebration — although in reality the stores were open as normal if we did need something.  We watched a live streaming of the Macy’s Day parade when the kids came home from school.  And while we had our celebration planned for the next day, it was really hard not to feel a sadness on not spending the holiday with family.  On not knowing how the food we had planned for tomorrow would turn out.  On not being part of a larger celebration.  It was hard evening.  I hadn’t anticipated that.  My bottle of 1.66 wine didn’t really make it any easier either.  But….

We celebrated Thanksgiving today.  (I’m not really sure why the schools in Buitrago were closed.  It wasn’t a national holiday).  And it was nice.  It was good.  Jeff and I spent most of the day cooking and listening to Christmas music.  The food turned out great.  Everything was homemade.  Actually, now that I think about it I don’t even own a can opener.  We had scalloped potatoes with ham, baked beans, green beans, squash, homemade mac & cheese and an apple pie.  We watched a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  We all shared the things we are thankful for.  It was really nice.  Happy Thanksgiving to you too!


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  1. Debbie B

    Happy Thanksgiving! What a beautiful feast. We’ll be right over.

  2. Barbara Christensen

    That’s the way it should be celebrated. Heartfelt and without Black Friday loomimg. And with Target open on Thanksgiving here you could have gone to the store here as well…although who would want to. On another note my wine was not $1.66. 🙁

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