Horseback Riding

October got the experience of horseback riding for Christmas.  And last weekend we went.

Last October when we went, Jeff & October did the trail ride while I walked a horse around in a circle for an hour with Lavender & Scarlett taking turns.  I was nervous just walking next to the horse.

This time, I went for the trail ride with October.  I was pretty nervous but the idea of walking in a circle with a horse for an hour seemed the less “fun” alternative.

I know I’ve ridden a horse since I fell off my best friend’s horse when I was a teenager.  But honestly, the only part I can remember is being afraid and having no fun.

And when I could barely lift my leg into the stirrup and hoist myself up, I was more than a little concerned.

Jeff admitted laughing at me from the sidelines.

But, I had fun.  It was a little unnerving when they horse would start to go fast.

In fact, I relaxed enough to even take some pictures and a selfie!

It was unnerving when I was separated from October in the pack.  So I would slow my horse down and she would catch up.  I’d anxiously ask how she was doing.  To which she would reply, she was GREAT!  She would then proceed to give me advice on how to handle the horse.

And that she LOVED it when the horse went fast for her!

Scarlett & Lavender got to ride a pony this time around.  Unfortunately, there was a large tour group there that didn’t share so well so they only got a few rides on the pony before they felt sorry for it and decided to stop riding.

We will be celebrating October & Lavender’s birthday with a return trip!

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  1. Debbie B

    It’s hard to hoist! So glad you did it:))

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