Mirror, Mirror

All of the mirrors in our house are up high.  Basically, I have only seen myself from the neck up since we arrived.  Not that I am one to be standing in front of my full-length mirror gazing at my reflection.  It’s just odd to get dressed everyday without looking in a mirror on how your outfit looks.  Maybe that’s just me.  It’s a different perspective when you are looking down at your outfit vs in a mirror.  And I might even venture to say, you (okay maybe just me) always think you look GGOOOOODDDDD from this perspective.  That is until you hit that full-length mirror and realize you have mismatched clothes and somehow it seems your shirt shrank since the last time you wore it.

We also have no dryer or scale in our home.  Which also means no shrinkage on my jeans and I have no idea which is winning.  The walking everywhere or the eating & drinking.  So basically, I am walking around thinking I’m loosing weight in my unshrunk jeans and that I look mighty GGOOOOOODDDDDD.  In the five shirts and two pair pants I rotate through.

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  1. Debbie B

    L. O. L.! Be careful you don’t tuck your skirt into your underpants. Oh yeah- 2 jeans : SAFE!! If it gets cold in winter you might have room for thermals. Xo. Ps I thought I subscribed to your blog but maybe I subscribed to a post. Clueless in Seattle. …

  2. Barbara

    Well photos look fantastic so I’m pretty sure you are looking amazing, and everything goes with jeans, right?

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