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Here are some pictures of our flat here in Spain.  We have lots of doors in the place since it’s definitely not an open concept.  But it is nice.  Everything is tile, so I’m hoping my slippers from Amazon.es actually arrive and arrive quickly.


This is the from the front door. Straight through is the living room/dining room. To the right is the kitchen. There is a sharper right to the playroom/October’s room. To the left is a hall to the bathrooms and other bedrooms. And I’m not sure what crazy Scarlett is doing.


Lavender & Scarlett’s room. We went and got the comforters at IKEA last weekend. When it gets colder, we plan to move October in here as well and this will be the sleeping room and the other the playroom.



View from our deck. It’s a pretty cloudy/rainy/misty morning otherwise you could see more mountains in the distance. The river around the town is at the end of that street.


Our deck. The master bedroom and Lavender/Scarlett’s bedroom look out onto the balcony. Right underneath us is the China Bazaar store. The building in the distance is the library.


The playroom/guest room/ October’s room. We brought all their little lego’s from home and then they each brought a quart size ziplock bag of toys. That’s it for the toys!


Kitchen. Looking out into the entryway and then down the bedroom hallway.


Kitchen – looking in through the entryway.


Living room/dining room. A small balcony behind couch and then the larger on off to the far left.

I have no idea the square footage or the metric equivalent.  It’s plenty big enough for us; especially since we have such few belongings with us.  On our 9 hour trip to IKEA last weekend, we picked up blankets, pillows, candles, utensils, dish clothes, wash clothes, bowls, candles, a roll of paper for the kids, hangers, night lights, bedside lights and a few other items.  While the house did come furnished, it was with the basics only.  It’s a little rough going to buy stuff for a house we’ll only live in for 8 months but I guess that’s just how it is.  We’ll donate it all at the end.  The house has a dishwasher although with only 5 plates, 5 bowls and 10 glasses it hardly seems worth it to run it.  No microwave.  No small appliances at all.  It also has a washing machine but there are no dryers here.  The beds, couches and table/chairs all came with it.  As well as a tv … which we finally managed to get some channels in English!  Okay, I know you want to know, how much does it cost to live here?  The rent is $400 euro’s per month (approximately $520 U.S. dollars) and then we have to pay for electricity and heat.  I’m told the heat is very expensive and could be another $400 euro’s as well.  We don’t have the internet yet – which will also include the phone line and that will be around $90 euros/month.  I’ve found the food to be fairly cheap; as well as over-the-counter medications.  I haven’t found out the price of prescription medications.  On the other hand a toaster at the hardware store runs $30 euros!

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  1. Ruth R

    looks good.. way more space than you had. one small kitchen sink.. LOL

  2. Debbie B

    Great pics! Brrr I hope your slips arrive pronto.

  3. Barbara Christensen

    Looks great, and very European from those House Hunters International I’ve watched, 🙂

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