Permission Slips

I got this from Scarlett’s teacher last week:

IMG_1268I figure out the first part is a field trip to the nearby town to go to the fire station and that I need to pay $2 euro’s and bring back the permission slip.  The other part talks about an overnight field trip, at least that’s what Scarlett tells me!

I’ve gotten three more notes from the teachers.  All about the upcoming Halloween party and preparations.  When I get these notes part of me just wants to laugh at our complete lack of understanding, another part of me wants to cry at our complete lack of understanding but mostly I just shrug and put it on the fridge for another day.


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  1. Debbie B

    Oy vey. I could locate folks in Albuquerque to read your photos and translate for you; let us know if you hit boiling point 😉 May be better to claim ignorance – need 62 Euros um what? Cough.

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