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Since I’ve heard about the shampoo-free hair method more than a year ago, I’ve thought about trying it.   But I never wanted to go through the “icky” period of greasy hair.  It occurred to me last month that since I was wearing a hat nearly 24/7 and already not showering regularly due to the cold, NOW would be the perfect time to give it a try.

What is the shampoo-free hair method?  It’s based on the idea that when you use traditional shampoos and conditioners, your scalp is stripped of its naturally occurring oils and to compensate for this even more oil is produced resulting in oilier hair that needs to be washed frequently to keep it looking good.  In my reading, people had many different reasons for going “poo-free” including the desire to use less chemicals on their bodies, be more frugal by buying fewer hair care products, it’s better for the environment, and have generally healthier looking hair with less maintenance.  I fall in the last category.  I wanted healthier looking hair that didn’t need to be washed every or every-other day to look good.  The shampoo-free method involves using baking soda to “wash” your scalp and apple-cider vinegar to “condition” your hair.  It’s not, not washing your hair.  My husband was more than a little concerned he was going to have a wife with dreadlocks when I told him of my experiment.

I started my experiment by not washing my hair for 9 days.  It was cold, I wore a hat 24/7.  Actually, I had two hats.  One for the day and one for sleeping.  I had planned to go for 2 weeks without washing it.  My thoughts were that I’d let my scalp go crazy producing oil that hopefully, I’d get the “icky” stage of going poo-free over with more quickly.  At 9 days though, I couldn’t take it any longer and decided day 9 was going to be the day I tried the poo-free method.  I wet my hair, shook some baking soda into my hand and scrubbed my scalp.  Focusing on the crown and near the part of my bangs.  The baking soda exfoliates, lifts dirt and eliminate odor from my scalp. I didn’t wash or scrub the rest of my hair.  I didn’t try to finger comb the baking soda through my hair or try to detangle my hair as I showered. Only the scalp.  I rinsed the baking soda out with water and then used apple cider vinegar to condition my hair.  I dribbled a little vinegar on my head and let it absorb for a minute before rinsing well.  A salad was not the scent I was going for.  I didn’t try to finger comb while in the shower and I was dreading the knots that I believed I would inevitably be combing out for the next hour.  How could I possibly not have a tangled mess?  I was quite surprised. It was amazing!  No tangles.  My hair combed out as easily as if I had used a traditional conditioner.

I need to have a better system for distributing the baking soda and vinegar rinse; such as a premixed water bottle for the baking soda and a spray bottle for the rinse.  My current method doesn’t really allow for any fine tuning as the amount I use varies greatly from one shower to another.  I am certainly using more than I’ve read others recommend.  Overall though, I am pleased with how my poo-free experiment is going.  I’ve washed my hair 4 times using this method and between each shower my hair is looking less and less greasy.  The sudsy lather of the traditional shampoo I do miss.  It seems so luxurious to have those suds!  But for now, I am going to keep up the poo-free method in the hopes of even shiner, healthier hair without the extra grease!


Prior to poo-free. 9 days without washing.


Prior to poo free – 9 days without washing.


After first poo-free wash and air dry.


After first poo-free wash and air dry.


Washed poo-free 5 days ago.


Washed poo-free 5 days ago.


After second poo-free wash.


After second poo-free wash. Air dried and brushed. No products.




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  1. Debbie B

    Your poo free hair is lovely!

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