There are more dogs than kids in Seattle and I’m pretty sure there are more kids than dogs here in Buitrago.  But there is definitely more shit here in Buitrago than I have ever seen in Seattle…or it’s suburbs for that matter.  I have seen exactly one, ONE dog owner here in town that had a little plastic bag of dog dukie tied to it’s dog’s collar.  There are no little doggie poop bags provided at parks.  I’ve seen but one owner have a bag with them.  I can tell you there are party hats EVErYWHeRe.  It’s disgusting.  It’s gross. It’s on the middle of the sidewalks.  It’s in the middle of the playground.  It’s on your front steps.  It’s really quite outrageous.  Here’s our front door yesterday.  This isn’t out of the ordinary.  It’s…have I mentioned…absolutely disgusting!


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  1. Debbie B

    I just barfed in my mouth. I mean, what fascinating cultural differences.

  2. Barbara Christensen

    Sounds a lot like Israel to me from what Illyna told me after they came back from their 6 months there.

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