While you’re waiting for me to write a more interesting post.  I thought I’d share some photo’s of the topography of where we live.  We live in a valley in the Sierra Norte area of Madrid.  There are mountains surrounding us and I would describe the landscape as mostly desert-like.  It reminds me a lot of the eastern slopes of the Washington cascades and some parts of western Montana.  We drove to Burgos (200 km north) and there were parts that looked like the badlands of South Dakota and then the rolling hill farmlands of Nebraska and then more forest area’s of mid-Michigan.  Here are some photo’s of the drive from Madrid to Buitrago.

IMG_1713 IMG_1714 IMG_1717 IMG_1718 IMG_1719

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  1. Debbie B

    Lol! We’d be interested to see what you ate for breakfast! Plus dying to know if Scarlett survived camp ok. Can’t. Stand. The Suspense.

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