Scarlett at Camp

Scarlett had a great time at first grade camp!  She went zip-lining, rock-climbing, held a falcon, made toothpaste, had a disco party and made a coco powder drink.  She explained that the toothpaste had lots of sugar in it.  I’m not sure if this was a translation issue or an understanding issue.  Her favorite part was the zip line and she quite triumphantly exclaimed how the child that is a class behavioral problem DID NOT go because HE was afraid.  Her least favorite part was when the kids were calling dibbs on the top-bunks.  She didn’t think this was fair since she had no idea what they were saying and therefore was left with a bottom bunk.  A bit odd though was that the bunk rooms (eight kids in a room) were coed.  She said she stayed plenty warm as they were inside doing many of the workshops. I debated whether to send her with her fleece and rain jacket (which wouldn’t be as warm) or send her with her winter jacket which is not waterproof.  I notice though she is without a hat or gloves in all of the pictures and yet she is snuggled up with her teacher in fourth picture below wearing her teacher’s gloves because she was cold.

But she had a blast and she was exhausted when she came home!

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  1. Debbie B

    Wow. And great photos to boot. Priceless.

  2. Barbara Christensen

    I’m so jealous!! Tell Scarlett I wish I could have gone to camp too!

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